Stavanger Steel Machining AS

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With a significant machining capability for medium to large size components, Stavanger Steel Machining (SSM) can provide you with your finished component.

Horizontal Lathes, Vertical Lathes, Boring, Milling in up to 5 Axis in combination with traditional knowledge ensures you that our production meets your demands.

Total Area 4.000m² + 1.000m² Tent
 - Machining 1.500m²
 - Welding 1.000m²
 - 2 smaller halls 400m² each
 - Crane capacity 32t / height 8m
 - Gate 6x8m

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Stavanger Steel Machining AS      
Teknologivegen 2                      
4120 Tau        

Phone: +47 453 99 752
E-mail: 919 745 983
Alf Egil Rørheim

Mobile: +47 453 99 752