Cast Steel Products

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Stavanger Steel supplies a wide range of cast steel products, including carbon-manganese steel, alloyed QT-steel, manganese (Hadfield-steel) for stone crushing, and different stainless steel grades like duplex, super-duplex, austenitic and martensitic stainless steel.
Examples of applications for stainless steel products in the marine industry include propeller blades and propeller hubs, while we also make bodies and parts of pumps and valves for the oil industry.
For the chemicals, turbine and wood processing industries, we manufacture turbine and pump bodies and parts, impellers, paddle wheels, welding flanges and rings.

Stavanger Steel delivers castings in low-alloyed steel for onshore and offshore purposes, including nodes for offshore platforms, parts for buoy mooring systems and pad-eyes.
Structural steel components are alloyed to achieve good weldability.
Our foundry is well known for high-quality products and our ability to produce complex cast products using a wide range of stainless and structural steel grades.
This steel requires a high level of competence throughout the manufacturing process, which is where we benefit from having all the necessary process steps in-house.
These include casting method development and simulation, pattern shop, moulding, heat treatment, upgrading/welding, machining and NDE.
This allows us to control the entire production process, from the melt and engineering to the finished product.