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Stavanger Steel offer services like forging, heat treatment, testing, machining and documentation, or parts of this process. Normally including low-alloy steel grades like F22, AISI 8630, AISI 4130/4140, AISI 4330 etc.
All these steel grades will be purchased from other steel works by Stavanger Steel or the customer.
Heat treatment furnaces calibrated according to Norsok M-650 ed. 4, Appendix B, and API 6A: 2010 / ISO 10423:2009
Stavanger Steel Inspection AS is performing destructive and non-destructive testing of forged products and castings according to relevant standards and specifications.

Visual (VT), Penetrant (PT), Magnetic powder (MT), Ultrasonic testing (UT)
Tensile testing, Impact testing, Bend testing, Hardness testing
Metallographic micro- and macro testing
Testing according to Standard test methods
Spectrograph analysis for all relevant elements

Stavanger Steel Technical Department adds value to the testing process through high metallurgical competence and long experience.